Types of Concrete Patios

 Concrete patios provide you with a variety of patio styles including a look of stone, wood, or custom graphics. These ravishing styles can be achieved through the following types:

● Stamped patio

● Poured patio

Stained patio

● Concrete pavers

Poured Concrete Patio:

Poured concrete needs a wooden frame built on the ground. The frame is customized depending on the desired style of the patio. Once the frame is built the concrete is poured into it letting it dry. The frame is then removed after the concrete dries and settles in the desired shape. The separating agents are sometimes added to prevent the concrete from sticking to the frame. The frame is easily removed this way without the design being messed up. 

Stamped Patio: 

Stamped concrete requires a similar technique using the wooden frame in the ground. In this foundation, concrete is poured into the stamp-like frame. Once the concrete is poured a customized design is added to the top giving it a nice finishing before the concrete dries. If you are not interested in the design you can add color to your concrete patio. In that case, the colors are added before the concrete dries or the color mixture is added to the top, depending on your preferences. Stamped concrete is highly demanded nowadays, for its durability, weather resistance, and the beautiful look it provides to your patio. 

 Stained Patio:

With stained concrete, you can add versatility to your concrete patio. It can be applied to the existing concrete patio to provide a renewed look. A lot can be done through stained concrete. You can add customized graphics, borders, and ravishing colors to your patio. It used two types of Stains chemical-based and acid-based. The only difference between the two is that of chemical reaction in acid-based staining. They use sunlight to stain the concrete using chemical-based agents. Both of these stains provide long-lasting effects on the concrete. They are also easier to do on your own but it is recommended that you hire a professional for a perfect concrete job. 

Concrete Pavers:

Concrete pavers are blocks of concrete in different styles, shapes, and sizes. They are from a mixture of concrete and coarse particles. Most of these pieces have a resemblance to materials of other sorts, natural wood and stone being one of these materials. It is not placed on the ground but instead in the ground. It requires a trench to be dug first. In that trench, some aggregate material is added to prevent the pieces from slipping. Once they are placed in the trench some more aggregate material is sprinkled on the pavers to fill the missing spaces.

Concrete patios can add color elegance and funky graphics to your patio, depending on your needs. The decorative effects provided by concrete jobs are vast in variety and style is highly cheap as compared to other material products like stone or wood. With concrete jobs, you can make your patio look new without spending much money.